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Join the New Esports Community College League ESCCL and Jumpstart Your Academic Success!

Quality Resources for Students

We provide quality academic resources and sponsorships for students to help them succeed.

Fair and Equal Opportunities

We strive to provide students with fair and equal opportunities to get the best education possible.

Mentoring and Networking

We offer mentoring and networking opportunities to help students build relationships and connect with other students and professionals.

Access to Scholarships

We provide access to scholarships and other funding opportunities to help students cover the cost of their education.

Empowering students through education and gaming excellence: Join the ESCCL today

ESCCL offers an online gaming platform, academic resources, and sponsorships to college students who are passionate about Esports. Our platform has been designed to help students balance their passion for gaming with their academic goals. We provide a safe and competitive environment where they can learn, grow and connect with others who share their interests. By participating in ESCCL, students can improve their gaming skills, gain valuable teamwork experience, earn academic sponsorships, and potentially pursue a career in the Esports industry. Additionally, our platform promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle by emphasizing the importance of academic success.

Empowering academic excellence through Esports

Esports Community College League (ESCCL) offers a competitive platform for students to showcase their gaming skills and connect with other like-minded individuals. ESCCL provides an alternative academic resource to traditional sports and extracurricular activities. It also offers sponsorships for students to pursue their passion for gaming while still prioritizing their education. Students can use their passion for gaming to further their academic success and potentially earn scholarships. They can also connect with a community of gamers who share their interests and build valuable skills such as teamwork and strategic thinking.

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