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Reach and Engage the Super Bowl Audience with Sports Media

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The Super Bowl is the single biggest sporting event  in the world; 

an institution like none other, Super  Bowl Sunday’ has become an unofficial national  holiday. Consumers in the U.S. spent roughly $17.2  Billion on Super Bowl LV and an estimated 160  Million viewers tuned in worldwide, making it one of  the most watched programs ever.
Super Bowl LVIII promises to be one for the ages,
as the torch is passed from Arizona to Nevada. This
will be the first time in history that the bright lights
of Las Vegas will play host, as Allegiant Stadium,
home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders will provide
the backdrop.
Be part of the festivities and reserve your place in history with the official Souvenir Program
for Super Bowl LVIII, available inside Allegiant Stadium and nationwide. 

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The Official Super Bowl LVIII Game Program is simply the most valuable, content-rich magazine in

 all of sports. Forbes has listed the Super Bowl as “the world’s most valuable sporting events brand.”


• Circulation of nearly one million with pass-on value of five readers per copy.

• Extensive distribution throughout the United States, with saturation throughout
Las Vegas and in the home markets of the two participating Super Bowl teams.
• National presence on newsstands and in bookstores, as well as in airports,
hotels, special kiosks, and online for purchase at NFLShop.com.

Immersive Online Digital Brochure

Your advertising message will also appear in the digital version of the Official  Super Bowl Souvenir Magazine. In the week preceding and following the game,  the magazine will be available for free viewing and hard copy purchase on

NFL.com. NFL.com expects to receive more than 50 million unique visits and
experience approximately 500 million page views during this time.

Reach The Vast Super Bowl Audience With The Digital VERSION

 Additionally, the following NFL players and personalities will promote the digital version

of the official Super Bowl program on X formally known as Twitter*

Digital Distribution

Our comprehensive strategy ensures that your brand engages the Super Bowl audience not only during the event but also across various traditional and digital channels, maximizing your reach and impact.

Dynamic and Interactive Brand Experience

Our immersive online digital program features interactive elements and real-time updates, providing an engaging experience for online users and keeping them connected to your brand.

Super Bowl Facts And Figures:

  • Super Bowl viewership now exceeds 151 million, which is greater than the number
    of people who vote in the U.S. Presidential election or who go out to celebrate  New Year’s Eve.
    There are 7.5 million parties on Super Bowl Sunday, with 43.9 million party-goers 
    (National Retail Federation).
    Sales of big-screen TVs increase fivefold during Super Bowl week (National
    Electronic Dealers Association).
    The Super Bowl is the top at-home party event of the year, ahead of New Year’s
    Eve (Hallmark Card, Inc.).
    The average number of attendees for a Super Bowl party is 17 (Hallmark).
    Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day of food consumption behind  Thanksgiving 
    (American Institute of Food Distribution).

USA TODAY Super Bowl LVIII Preview

Maximize Your Brand’s Reach and Engagement with our Super Bowl Marketing Strategy

What’s Inside USA TODAY

Super Bowl LVIII Preview?

Past editorial topics have included:

Digital Distribution

Printed Version – USA TODAY Super Bowl LVIII Preview will be available in bookstores and newsstands

across the country, piggybacking on USA TODAY’s vast distribution.
Digital Version – USA TODAY will be featuring a complete digital version of Super Bowl LVIII Preview on the
sports section of their official website, usatoday.com, which receives millions of daily viewers for its sports related
stories, videos, graphics, and photo galleries.
Additionally, more than 10,000,000 sports fans will be sent a link with a copy of this
digital publication.


Customize your package to meet your clients’ objectives with:

2024 Pro Bowl Games

Official Program

The NFL Announced A Transformation Of The Pro Bowl In 2023, Renaming The Event As “The  Pro Bowl Games.”


Printed Version: The Pro Bowl Games Program will be available inside Camping World  Stadium and at various Pro Bowl Games events.

Digital Version: A complete digital version of the official Pro Bowl Games Program is  scheduled to be available on the official Pro Bowl Games website NFL.com/ProBowlGames.

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