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Unleash The Benefits Of National Sponsorships

Increase Opportunities With Our Media Rights Coverage

Zoo Media specializes in becoming your voice in attracting both local and national sponsors, resulting in financial support for your Zoo or Aquarium. We work as a supplement to your existing team, or you can outsource the entire program to us. Benefits of working with us include:

     – Maximizing your Revenue Growth

     – Amplifying your Brand Visibility

     – Elevating your Visitor and Member Experience

      – Forging Strong Community Connections

By leveraging our expertise and network, Zoo Media aims to create a thriving ecosystem where you can flourish, both financially and in terms of your mission to educate, conserve, and inspire.


Maximize Revenue Growth

Our dedicated team at Zoo Media is committed to tirelessly securing media rights, naming rights, and sponsorships that result in substantial revenue for your institution. This additional income unleashes exciting possibilities, empowering you to fund new projects, expand exhibits, and elevate the overall visitor experience. With our expertise and strategic partnerships, we ensure that your institution thrives financially, enabling you to provide unforgettable experiences for your visitors while continuing to fulfill your mission.

Amplify Your Brand Visibility

Through our extensive network of partners and sponsors, we can help you expand your reach and foster meaningful partnerships to boost the visibility of your organization. This heightened brand exposure holds the potential to drive increased attendance, foster enhanced engagement, and cultivate enduring partnerships with leading brands. By leveraging our strong connections and expertise, we strive to elevate your institution’s profile, positioning it as a premier destination for visitors and a valuable partner for industry leaders. Together, let’s unlock new levels of recognition and forge impactful relationships that propel your zoo or aquarium towards sustained success.

Elevate The Visitor Experience

At Zoo Media, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional visitor experiences. That’s why we help create unforgettable moments for your visitors, allowing you to offer unique and immersive encounters that enrich the overall visit. From captivating interactive exhibits to engaging educational programs, our dedicated team will collaborate with you to develop initiatives that not only benefit your institution but also leave a lasting impact on your visitors. Together, we can create unforgettable moments, fostering a deep connection between your audience and the wonders of your zoo or aquarium.

How It Works

Sponsorships can take on various forms, ranging from naming rights to digital and onsite branding agreements. We have a unique solution set unmatched in the industry that includes improving animal care (exhibit expansion, rescue projects, etc.), upgrading location needs (concessions, lighting, WiFi, onsite digital content, electric car stations, branding experiences, etc.), and marketing community engagement (shared advertising, mobile highway ads, PureBox Water community sales, etc.)
Prior to finalizing any agreements, we will engage in thorough discussions with your zoo’s Executive Director to ensure alignment and meet your specific needs. This partnership offers a range of expected benefits, including increased revenue, enhanced brand visibility, improved visitor experiences, and the opportunity to engage with your community on a deeper level.

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