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Reach A Uniquely Targeted, Engaged Audience

Zoo Media is the leading agency that connects brand marketers to the untapped market of animal care and education.

Who You Reach

Why market within Zoos and Aquariums?  The numbers(1) speak for themselves:

* Zoo Media makes it 48 million online social media connections
* 2.3 million daily visitors that average 7.5 hours a visit
A third of family visitors have a household income of over $100,000
* 3. 57% have children 11 and under
* 72% are pet owners
* 32% are millennials and hipsters 35 and under
* 68% are employed 
Easy for marketers to reach this uniquely targeted, engaged audience.
(1) www.aza.org/partnerships-visitor-demographics


* Increase Brand Exposure

* Expand Customer Loyalty
* Drive Revenues
* Give Back to the Community
* Support Green Projects
* Partner with Animal Initiatives

We help you drive brand awareness and loyalty into Zoos and Aquariums by providing partnerships, sponsorship opportunities, and advertising projects to Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums. Our end-to-end services include consulting, planning, strategy, creative, management, implementation, and measurement – as much or as little oversight as you need.

Connect Your Brand With People Who Care

Zoo Media is a media company that gets you involved in the Zoo and Aquarium community. With us, you will reach families and animal lovers in new ways that increase your brad exposure while targeting buyers with the means to purchase your products and services.

The Smart Initiative

Zoo Media is helping Zoos and Aquariums with advanced technology solutions. Help us help them.

* IoT & Wi-Fi Connections
* Visitor Digital Experiences
* Security & Emergency Broadcast Services
* Real-time Information Analytics
* SAAS; Software as a Service
* Energy, Water, and Soil Conservation


Direct Company or Brand Placement.

* Media Planning & Buying
* Naming Rights
* Exhibit Sponsorships
* Food Court Sponsorships
* Pathway Sponsorships
* Animal Habitat and Feeding    Technology
*Energy, Water, and Soil Conservation
* Zoo Apps and 24-7 Internet Web Cams

Advertising & Promotions

* Digital Signage

* Interactive Kiosks
* Branded Concession Products
* FanzEye Visitor Lens for Smart Devices
* Power Stations
* Full-service Media Planning and Buying
* Film & Photography
* Digital Licensing
* Corporate Events
* Entertainment Engagement Experiences

AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums provide a fun, safe, and educational family experience, educating millions of dollars annually to support scientific research, conservation, and education programs.

* Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Zoo Media enables organizations to reach zoo and aquarium visitors and donors with targeted messaging that increases company brand awareness and revenue while benefiting municipality and agency owners with technology, infrastructure, and additional dollars to maintain the properties.

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